PCB types
Single and dobble-sided, Multilayer
Flex/ Flex-rigid and HDI(High Density Interconnect)
Material FR 4, Arlon Rogers Flex Polyimide, RCC
Surface materials
HASL, Lead free HASL, ENIG,
Connector Hard Gold, Soft Gold (Wire bondable), Immersion Silver, Chemical tin
FR4 · Neltec· Rogers· Polyimide· RCC
Solder mask
Green· Red· White Black· Blue
Controlled impedans +/-10% - +/-5%
Card contour +/-0,05mm
V-cut +/-0,05mm
Hole Diameter Plated +/-0,05mm
Hole positioning +/-0,02mm
Card thickness +/-10%
Min/Max Cu thickness
9µm/ 1000µm
Min.trac · Clearence ·  Mechanically drilled
60µm/ 75µm/ 0.15mm
Blind Vior
Minimum drill 75µm
Smallest pad 0.28mm
Ratio 1:1

Since the capability may change due to a constantly developing production process,
please contact us if it's differing from above.